Cryptocurrency Trader Robbed in England’s First Bitcoin Heist

bitcoin_thief_england_cryptocurrencyThe Telegraph reports that armed robbers made their way into the home of a Bitcoin trader and forced him to transfer Bitcoin at gunpoint. The report also indicates that this is the first of its kind robbery in the United Kingdom.

Mr. Aston’s house in South Oxfordshire was invaded by four robbers in balaclavas before tying up a woman and making Mr. Aston transfer Bitcoin to a wallet address. Mr. Aston is a former city financier who set up his Bitcoin trading firm – Aston Digital Currencies Limited in June 2017. His four-bedroom house is estimated to be worth about £700,000.

The Police were called to the scene of the crime after the robbery had occurred while schools in the area were temporarily closed and students placed in safety.

We hope this is not going to be a cryptocurrency crimewave and authorities find the perpetrators.