How to Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria With Debit/Credit Card

  visa_mastercard_buy_bitcoin_credit_debit_card_nigeria In this article, we will be sharing a tutorial on how to Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria using your debit or credit card. The process is simple and straightforward but you need to payattention to make your purchase seamless.

Where to Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria with card?

There are many websites and services that allow you buy Bitcoin in Nigeria with your debit or credit card. They are called “Bitcoin Exchanges”. coque iphone pas cher Every exchange has its unique value proposition, fees and processes. The fastest and safest exchange is Bitkoin Africa. This article will guide you through the process of buying Bitcoin using Bitkoin Africa.

1. Visit Bitkoin Africa

buy_bitcoin_in_nigeria_naira_debit_Credit_Card You can visit Bitkoin Africa by entering in your browser. You can also click here.

2. coque iphone xr Register

For you to purchase Bitcoin from Bitkoin Africa, you need to first create your account. Click the “Register” link or click here and fill in all your details accurately as they are needed to verify you. Bitkoin Africa is regulated by the CBN and adheres to its rules and regulations for selling cryptocurrency. Your BVN and bank details are required to be sure that you are truly a real person. You will also be required to verify your phone number and email address. This is pretty normal for websites these days. coque iphone xr ALSO READ: HOW TO FUND YOUR BITCOIN WALLET IN NIGERIA

3. Return to Homepage, Select a seller


Before you pay with credit card, select a seller

After registration, you can visit the homepage and begin to choose who you want to buy Bitcoin from. Bitkoin Africa is a community of traders – buyers and sellers who are trading different volumes of Bitcoin at different prices. Each trader has been verified and their Bitcoin is already in escrow. Escrow means Bitkoin Africa has confirmed they have that amount of Bitcoin and it is already in the system. Select the one you prefer and click “Buy”.

4. Review and Confirm

buy_bitcoin_with_Credit_card_debit_nigeria_2 After Clicking on “Buy”, take a few minutes to review your transactions. Make sure all the details are correct before you buy. Bitcoin transfers are not reversible. Click Review and Confirm to proceed

5. Buy Bitcoin

bitcoin_with_credit_debit_card_3 The details of the transaction will be presented to you again. Click the “Buy BTC instantly” button to proceed.

6. Select Pay with Card – Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria with Credit or Debit Card

Get_bitcoin_with_naira_credit_debit_Card After you click ‘Buy BTC instantly’, a payment window will pop up, giving you the option of paying with your card or via your bank account. coque iphone If you’re paying with your card, enter your card details in the appropriate fields and click ‘Pay’. coque iphone 8