Crypto Roundup: Top Cryptocurrency News From This Week

1. Blockchain takes root in the heart of African countries

Dennis Wafula wrote about the blockchain wave that’s slowly gaining ground in African countries. He cites events and conferences in Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana that have served as support groups for Blockchain technology.

2. Cryptocurrency Trading Halted in Zimbabwe Despite High Court Ruling

A Zimbabwean high-court has overturned the central bank’s decision to ban cryptocurrency exchanges and stop banks from allowing crypto transactions. It’s however taking banks a while to resume crypto payments. This has made crypto grind to a halt in Zim.

3. Mastercard Applied for a BlockChain Patent to verify Coupons

Mastercard corporation has filed a patent on how blockchain can be used to verify coupons. The financial corporation has taken several steps to show it supports blockchain tech and is exploring how to use them.

4. 7 Tools Every Crypto Trader Must Use

We published a roundup of every tool you should use if you’re a cryptocurrency trader. The list includes price tracking apps, portfolio management and even where you can find the juiciest crypto gist.

5. Blockchain Reaches 25 Million Wallets

Blockchain, a service to create wallets for several cryptocurrencies has reached its 25 millionth wallet. The company has raised about $70 million in funding and recently hired some engineering heavyweights to scale its platform.