Crypto Roundup: Top Cryptocurrency News From This Week

Here’s your weekly roundup of the top news in the crypto world.

1. Facebook Launches Blockchain Research Unit

Coming off the heels of its F8 developer conference, Facebook shuffled its top management staff and announced a new Blockchain department. The department will be run by the former head of Messenger and contains teams from Instagram and core Facebook.

2. Goldman Sachs Announces Bitcoin Trading Operations

One of the top banks in the world announced it will begin to trade with Bitcoin as a pegged price for its clients who request the service. The bank also acknowledges that it’s hard to ignore cryptocurrency as clients keep talking about it. This decision gives some legitimacy to Bitcoin.

3. Nvidia Reveals Crypto Sales

Computer chip maker Nvidia corporation revealed it beat Wall Street estimates and sold about $289 million worth of chips to cryptocurrency miners. It, however, didn’t sell a lot of the new GeForce to gamers. This announcement sent its stock down by 3.8%

4. Billionaires are storing Billions Worth of Bitcoin in Bunkers

Argentine startup Xapo offers secure Bitcoin storage facilities to Billionaires and millionaires. Industry experts and insiders estimate Xapo stores about $10 Billion worth of Bitcoin in 5 underground vaults scattered across the world.

5. What Can You Buy With Bitcoin?

If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, we published a roundup of 16 interesting things you can buy with Bitcoin. The list includes online and offline services as well as some investments you could make.