Crypto Roundup: Top Cryptocurrency News From This Week

It’s the end of another week and time for the top cryptocurrency stories.

1. Jack Dorsey Says Bitcoin is the Currency of the Future

Bitcoin got another endorsement from Twitter and Square co-founder Jack Dorsey. Jack believes Bitcoin will be the defacto currency of the internet in a few years. It also turns out his payment company Square, processed over $30 million in Bitcoin transactions in Q1 of 2018.

2. How to Earn Bitcoin

We carried out some thorough research and have provided a list of sites where you can earn Bitcoin for doing several things. Don’t forget to read this and share with friends.

3. Solve this puzzle and earn 1 BTC

Someone on Reddit posted an image on the Bitcoin subreddit and asked people to solve it. There’s a catch though – if you solve it, you earn 1 Bitcoin as your reward. Time for some detective work people!

4. How Blockchain Financial Services Will Transform the Global Economy

Financial services are one of the easy to see and obvious advantage of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Our friends from Coincentral shared this great piece with us. We’re all looking forward to a world where we can pay for things in crypto as well as transfer money to the end of the earth and fast.

5. The US DOJ is investigating Bitcoin price manipulation

The United States Department of Justice has opened a criminal investigation into the price manipulation of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Seems Uncle Sam is keen on protecting crypto investors from shady people.