Cryptocelebrities Lets You Buy Celebs With Ethereum


Last year, Cryptokitties – a game where people bought and sold cats with Ethereum was one of the biggest uses of cryptocurrency asides transfers. Enter Cryptocelebries – another Ethereum-based game but this time you’ll be buying some of the most popular people in the world.

Cryptocelebrities is pretty simple. A user can buy a sole contract of a celebrity with Ethereum. If another user wants to buy, they’ll have to pay double the amount; thereby allowing the original buyer make some profit.

Unsurprisingly, Ethereum’s founder Vitalik Buterin is the most expensive celebrity on Cryptocelebrities and is currently worth about 24 Ethereums. Following him is Satoshi Nakamoto – the anonymous inventor of Bitcoin. The game takes advantage of people’s craze for celebrities while offering them a chance to get rewarded. It’s a perfect match.


Cryptocelebrities has quickly realised celebrities might not want their image or likeness used for profit. They have allowed celebs to decide where royalties from their trades go – a cryptocurrency wallet or to a charity of their choice. According to the website:

If your image is currently traded on the blockchain, you can easily end automatically set where the proceeds and up. Changing the settings on your smart contracts is done automatically using your verified twitter account.

It’s also a fun implementation of blockchain technology. We hope to see more fun(and less expensive) games like this in the future.