Top 7 Cryptocurrency Apps For iPhone and iPad

This is a list of the best iPhone and iPad apps for tracking cryptocurrency prices, updates and your personal cryptocurrency investments. They’re all available for download from the Apple App Store and will allow you be on top of your crypto game as a trader or enthusiast. For buying and selling Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, these apps are a necessity. coque iphone 8

1. Blockfolio

blockfolio_cryptocurrency_app_iphone_app Initially developed to keep track of Bitcoin prices, Blockfolio has extend its reach to over 2000 cryptocurrencies worldwide. The app has a special portfolio feature where you can add every cryptocurrency you own and view their current value as well as profit or loss. The blockfolio team promises to add cryptocurrencies as soon as they’re added to an exchange. coque iphone 7 You can trust that this app will always be up-to-date.

2. CoinTelegraph

How do Crypto investors know what coins are hot or not? They keep up with cryptocurrency news. Cointelegraph is one of the most comprehensive news companies in the crypto space. Not only do they provide news, they also provide deep insights into cryptocurrencies by some of the world’s best analysts and traders.

3. CryptoPro

crypto_pro_Cryptocurrency_price_iphone_ipad Just as its name goes, CryptoPro is for the pros. Asides tracking your personal cryptocurrency portfolio and setting price alerts, CryptoPro can fix widgets to your home screen so you can view your portfolio at a glance. The app also includes a dark and light mode if you’re into app themes. Our favourite feature of CryptoPro is its Apple Watch feature. It is built with customisable complications for every watch face and will display 4-20 of your favourite cryptos. ALSO READ: THE BEST ANDROID APPS FOR TRACKING CRYPTOCURRENCY

4. CryptoTrader

cryptotrader_cryptocurrency_apps_iphone_ipad We’re in love with CryptoTrader’s blue hues. It gives off that exciting Wall Street trader feel. CryptoTrader allows you track prices, set alerts but that’s not the best feature. Its best feature is the “Trending Currencies” section where you can see what Altcoins being massively traded from several exchanges. This unique insight can set you apart from others. coque iphone

5. Coin Stats

coinstats_cryptocurrency_price_tracker_iphone_ipad_apple Coin stats describes itself as “the most extensive portfolio tracker on the App Store”. It supports multiple cryptocurrencies and about 30 fiat currencies. soldes coque iphone Its analytics data not only displays price, gains and losses but also includes news and investor analysis on specific crptocurrencies.

6. CoinCap

coincap_portfolio_app_iphone_ipad_ios CoinCap prides itself on its unique notification system to keep track of changes in your investment portfolio. You can also setup weekly or daily updates if the market is too volatile for you. In its night mode scheduler, you can set the app to change the theme at specific times of day. coque iphone All in all, CoinCap is a really neat app. coque iphone

7. CoinFolio

coinfolio_cryptocurrency_apps_ios_iphone_ipad CoinFolio supports currency conversion in about 30 currencies and supports over 1000 cryptocurrencies and assets(excluding crypto). It also includes a personal portfolio tracker and stores the data on your local phone storage. CoinFolio has a pretty white theme with the ability to switch to a darker theme if you belong to the dark side.