How to Earn Bitcoin: 11 Ways You Can Earn Bitcoin(BTC)


11 Ways You can Earn Bitcoin

Bitcoin has gotten very popular in the last few years. From the first transaction of paying for pizza to powering over $30 million worth of transactions on Square, everyone wants some Bitcoin. Wondering how you can earn some Bitcoin for yourself? There are many scam sites online promising all kinds of BTC rewards for taking part in a variety of tasks. We’ve compiled a thorough list of 11 ways you can earn Bitcoin for different tasks.


Formerly, Earn allows users pay in Bitcoin for replying messages and completing tasks. Let’s say someone has a question on a topic where you have expertise, they pay you in Bitcoin in exchange for the answers to their question. They can also pay you for all kinds of tasks. Earn was recently acquired by crypto exchange Coinbase.

2. Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining is one of the surest ways to earn Bitcoin. Bitcoin mining is a reward for the people and organisations who help to keep the Bitcoin network alive. A Bitcoin mining operation, however, requires a lot of computing power and energy so you can join a Bitcoin mining pool instead or buy computing space from someone who has a Bitcoin mining operation. For in-depth info, read our article on how to mine bitcoin.

3. Coinbucks – How to Earn Bitcoin

Coinbucks is an affiliate network service that allows advertisers promote apps and services while rewarding users in Bitcoin for taking part in surveys, downloading apps or paying for services. Coinbucks pays within 24 hours of earning Bitcoin and allows you take the experience mobile by using its app. You can also confirm every Bitcoin transaction with proof.

4. Pastecoin

If you’re a programmer with some spare time and hardcore skills, you could make some money selling code snippets scripts on Pastecoin. Pastecoin rewards programmers by helping to sell these scripts to people who want to purchase them.

5. Coinality – How can I earn Bitcoin

Coinality is a job board sites for remote workers who want to earn Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. A majority of the jobs are remote positions with a few physical positions here and there. Just like Coinbucks, this is perfect for software developers and programmers.

6. Coindesk Jobs

Popular cryptocurrency news site Coindesk launched a job board a while ago. Some of the top companies in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space are constantly looking for talent via this site.

7. Get paid in Bitcoin

If you’re okay with your fiat earnings and want your employer to pay you in Bitcoin, this is a site from Australia that will negotiate on your behalf. They charge a fee for their services but promise to find the best international rate for users.

8. Bitify

Bitify works like an eBay for Physical and Digital goods. You can sell old items you no longer need or digital subscriptions you’re no longer using. Common items on this site are gift cards, game passes and accounts for enterprise software like Amazon cloud services and Microsoft Office. The site charges 2.5% on sold items and has an escrow service to ensure you get your Bitcoin.

9. Bitcoin Talk Service Section – Sites to Earn Bitcoin

Another job board here. This section is just part of the larger Bitcoin Talk forum where crypto enthusiasts discuss Bitcoin issues and ways to solve them. You can find all kinds of jobs here but note that Bitcoin talk doesn’t serve as an intermediary to any transfers.

10. OpenBazaar

OpenBazaar is a decentralised and open-source application that is completely free. You can pretty much sell anything you want after downloading the app. The app supports Bitcoin and over 50 other cryptocurrencies. Many indie artists and musicians have hopped on OpenBazaar to sell their music and artwork.

11. BitLanders

Italy based BitLanders launched a while ago and promises to be a social network that rewards you for sharing without selling your privacy.

Bonus: Reddit

/r/Jobs4Bitcoins is one of the most active places to find jobs that pay Bitcoin. There are employers who are willing to pay Bitcoin as well as freelancers who offer a wide range of services in exchange for Bitcoin. It’s a great place to comb if you’re interested in earning Bitcoin.


We believe we’re going to keep seeing more Bitcoin earning sites like these in the future. If there’s any way you can think to earn regular money now, someone is probably thinking of creating a Bitcoin service for it. You however need to carry out some research before you use any site that promises Bitcoin in return for your time or service.