Crypto Starter Pack: 7 Tools Every Cryptocurrency Trader Must Use


7 Tools Every Cryptocurrency Trader Must Use

Cryptocurrency trading is a lot of work and the only way to make it easier is to use tools that can keep you ahead of the game. If you still want to keep your day job and remain a crypto trader on the side, we’ve rounded up a short list of tools and services every crypto trader should use daily.

1. CoinMarketCap

CoinMarketCap is a site that over 1600 cryptocurrencies across more than 11000 cryptocurrency exchanges globally. If an altcoin you’re about to purchase isn’t on CoinMarketCap, the probability that it’s fake gets higher.

The site tracks market capitalisation of each cryptocurrency it tracks as well as its current global price, volume traded in the last 24 hours and changes in price over time. It also contains information about each crypto. You can find links to the official site, message boards and for some cryptos, you can even look through the source code – if you’re geeky like that. Visit CoinMarketCap at to check it out.

2. CoinMarketCal

This service calls itself “the economic calendar for the cryptocurrency market”. CoinMarketCal tracks updates from thousands of cryptocurrencies. You can find out about the next fork, feature update or exchange listing of just about any cryptocurrency.

The best about CoinMarketCal are their bots. They’ve got a Telegram and Twitter bot that can send you coin updates based on a few settings. Check out CoinMarketCal at

3. Coin Dance

Coin Dance is another great service to find out what’s happening with crypto you’ve invested in. It’s a community-driven platform where people put together information regarding each cryptocurrency. My favourite feature is the political opinion section where you can see the legal status of cryptocurrencies in different countries. Visit Coin dance at

4. Bitcoin Fees from Earn

One of the biggest challenges with the increased adoption of Bitcoin is the transaction fees. As more people purchase and use Bitcoin, it has become expensive to transfer it from one wallet to another. Bitcoin fees is a really cool tool from Earn that displays the fastest and cheapest transaction fees based on blocks. It’s something you have to look at and read through properly to understand but it is an absolutely great tool to reduce your costs.

5. Trezor Hard Wallets

Trezor is a company that produces hard wallets for storage of over 500 cryptocurrencies. The Trezor wallet stores cryptocurrency offline in a password protected USB disk and allows you connect to it via special software on your computer. The company has two models – the Trezor One and the Trezor Model T with the Model T undergoing testing in Beta.

6. CoinGecko

While most sites track crypto prices, market cap and sales volumes, CoinGecko has taken it a step further for traders who would like to predict the next breakout coin. CoinGecko ranks crypto by Developer interest, community interest and public interest.

These points can be great to find out which altcoin will get the next big boost.

7. Delta

In our articles on crypto apps for Android, one app stood out amongst the crowd and that is Delta. Delta remains one of the best and easiest crypto apps to use. It relies on an intuitive user interface and provides notifications as well as superior price tracking abilities. Visit to download on your iOS and Android device.

We trust you’ll be happy with these tools because they will save you hours of time in deciding what crypto you need to buy and when you should sell.


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